The “Statement of Work on Aluminium Packaging” of the 5-year ANCI –  CIAL Framework Agreement signed on 16 April 2014 poses new and interesting prospects for the future of separate aluminium packaging collection. While confirming existing measures, it introduces an increase in the fees paid by the CIAL Consortium to public administrations, thus promoting interesting innovations aimed at fostering a more fluid and efficient management of such services by town councils.

In addition to confirming the guaranteed collection of packaging waste, the Agreement provides for the full payment of fees to town councils also when collection objectives are achieved or exceeded.

In order to promote qualitative growth, better economic conditions have been introduced for collections with lower content of foreign material, as well as new resources for upgrading services and substantial resources for information campaigns aimed at raising awareness among citizens.

CIAL, in particular, shall ensure that all municipalities conferring separate collection material receive a substantial and advantageous fee: 550 euro per ton of aluminium packaging, plus the cost of baling and transportation, charged to the Consortium, thus arriving at a fee of more than 600 euro/ton.

In addition, the Consortium offers industry professionals agreements for the exploitation of the aluminium present in unsorted and post-combustion waste, and of caps and capsules obtained through the sorting of glass, thus promoting and working alongside waste operators to identify and adopt the best available technologies to maximize aluminium collection.

Through the Agreement and the Statement of Work on Aluminium Packaging, CIAL wishes to provide tangible solutions and confirm its mission to provide support and promote the smooth and sustainable development of the national waste collection system.

In recent years, the separate collection of aluminium packaging has increased significantly in cities, through the combined efforts of CIAL, the Public Administrations and, of course, the Italian citizens.

“The Agreement between ANCI and the CIAL Consortium forms an excellent starting point for a new and even more ambitious development strategy for the next 5 years,” said Bruno Rea, President of the CIAL Consortium, when signing of the Agreement: “In particular, this and the next few years will be crucial in consolidating the results achieved at the national level through specific measures adopted in different geographical areas and their potential for separate aluminium packaging collection. This is because new and ambitious targets have been set for 2020, based on recycling proposals and debates currently underway in Europe.

At the time of signing, Gino Schiona, General Manager of CIAL, said: “The work done in the Consortium’s 15 years of activity has given a strong impetus for the ever more efficient and effective development of urban waste management and the adoption of appropriate technologies maximising the aluminium recovery rate in every context and at each processing stage, fully in line with the CIAL Consortium’s aim of ‘ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL, 100% RECOVERY”.

In 2013, in particular, with the participation of 5,400 Italian municipalities (67% of the total), all affiliated with CIAL, and with the involvement of 46 million people (78% of the Italian population), it was possible to achieve an aluminium packaging recovery rate equal to 70.3% of the amount placed on the market.

These very significant results have not only given a new lease of life to a precious material that lends itself to countless new applications, but they have also ensured environmental and economic benefits for the community at large.