ALUCOMICS, the new competition for schools presented at Comicon in Naples.

CIAL chooses comics and partners with Naples Comicon. After several years of partnerships in the world of cinema, the Consortium chooses the art of comics and cartoons to discuss the environment and recycling with youngsters.

The new ALU Comics competition has been presented in the name of creativity and intended for high school students.

At Comicon 2022, where creativity is king, CIAL – with educational partner LaFabbrica – launched the new ALU Comics competition which next school year, from September 2022, will invite high school students to challenge each other in the creation of a comic on the themes of sustainability and recovery of aluminium. Plot, script, drawings … space for inspiration, imagination and inventiveness.

To present the contest (Saturday, April 23rd) an exceptional testimonial: the cartoonist and creator Pera Toons who has already successfully partnered with CIAL over the last two years for the production of innovative and wildly popular and shared social contents, reaching record numbers.

The contest is open to all high school students throughout Italy.

Before participating, candidates must read the complete regulation which can be downloaded from the website starting from September 2022.

To take part in the competition, students will have to team up to design and create a cartoon story complete with cover art that addresses issues relating to environmental protection with the tools acquired during the ALU Comics session.

Students must upload their documents in the appropriate section of the website, specifying the role of each participant in the work team by the competition deadline.

After the deadline, a selected jury will examine the documents received, evaluating their relevance to the theme, the originality and the correct use of the tools transmitted during the ALU Comics session.

The 10 best entries will be awarded with:

participation in Comicon 2023 for 1 student for each award-winning story, with fully paid travel and accommodation.

the display of his/her work – complete with tables and cover art – in an exhibition set up as part of Comicon 2023.

a WACOM Intuos Small Black graphics tablet with BT (device that allows you to draw directly on the PC using special nibs or airbrushes) intended for the work team’s class.

“It is one of our priorities to promote initiatives aimed at stimulating green attitudes among youngsters and to draw their attention to the importance of recycling aluminium, a precious raw material, whose revaluation guarantees undisputed economic, social and environmental benefits. Challenging, fun, educational. Comicon is an ideal launch stage for the contest conceived by CIAL for students aged 14-19″ stated Giuseppina Carnimeo, CIAL General Manager.