Consorzio CIAL’s tour promoting separate collection and recycling of aluminium packaging has concluded in Cagliari.

The ALUDAYS tour touched on five cities in southern Italy, with the involvement of thousands of people in Cosenza, Salerno, Lecce, Sassari and Cagliari.

The CIAL team travelled around the south of the country and Sardinia for five weeks to discuss the circular economy and sustainability with public authorities, schools, local associations and citizens.

It was an exciting and highly fruitful experience which the Consortium intends to repeat in other towns in 2019.

The programme included plenty of initiatives.

First of all, an interactive stand where students and citizens discover the world of aluminium and how it is recycled in a playful way.

An online contest, open until November 20, at the web site where citizens can play online and enter to win a Ricicletta, a city bike made out of the equivalent of 800 recycled aluminium beverage cans.

A radio advertising campaign on all Italy’s national radio stations, as well as the most popular local stations in the areas toured, where the focus was specifically on local events, with an ad reminding citizens that they should recycle not only beverage cans, as we all already know, but also other kinds of aluminium packaging:

  • cans for meat, fish and pulses
  • trays for food preservation and cooking
  • cans and trays for pet food
  • aerosol/spray cans
  • aluminium foil, such as kitchen foil and chocolate wrappers
  • tubes for creams, preserves, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics
  • tops, lids and other types of sealing devices

All aluminium containers that, exactly like cans, are infinitely and 100% recyclable.


During the 5 weeks of the Aludays tour, we met with about 38,00 citizens and offered guided tours to 600 students and 30 teachers.

10,500 people entered the online contest.

Public authorities, in the person of mayors and town councillors, participated enthusiastically at every stop on the tour, making ALUDAYS an important event in every town visited.