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Organised in the towns of Cosenza, Salerno, Lecce, Sassari and Cagliari, these events will involve all citizens in the topics of aluminium waste separation and recycling.

The ALUDAYS road tour of the Consorzio CIAL – Italian Consortium for the recovery and recycling of aluminium packaging, will start tomorrow, 26 September, in the town of Cosenza. Over the following weeks it will move to Salerno, Lecce, Sassari and Cagliari. The Consortium has been working for some time in all these towns in southern Italy to improve the results of the waste separation and recycling of this material, which is 100% recyclable an unlimited number of times.

These results are improving every year and have made Italy a virtuous example in all Europe.

The ALUDAYS TOUR will remain in each town for 5 days.

  • On Wednesday and Thursday, CIAL representatives will “invade” the town streets with their Riciclette®, [city bikes made by recycling 800 aluminium drink cans], to meet locals and provide them with information on aluminium recycling in their town.
  • From Friday to Sunday a CIAL stand will be set up in the main squares. In this 50 m2 area there will be games and events that will allow visitors to test their “good recycler” skills and learn about the vast range of aluminium packaging and containers that – just like the well-known and widely used drink cans – can be 100% recycled an unlimited number of times.

Visitors will also be able to learn more about recycling and play games – the prizes will be amusing gadgets made of recycled aluminium.

This is the tour’s schedule. See some pictures of  CIAL’s  tour-stand. 


aludays stand cial

aludays stand cial

aludays stand cial


The #NONSOLOLATTINE [not just cans] campaign

The new recycling targets set by the European Community – which also apply to the aluminium packaging sector – require higher percentages of recycling. Achieving this will certainly need the commitment of not just the aluminium packaging industry but of the ordinary people, who have to separate waste before collection.

The separate collection of aluminium packaging in Italy is currently carried out by 6,777 Italian municipalities and involves over 53 million inhabitants, 88% of the national total. Despite the widespread nature of the practice, performance can be improved by focusing people’s attention on the different types of aluminium packaging that can be collected and therefore recycled.

The claim of the new campaign launched by the CIAL Consortium is #Nonsololattine. It is aimed at reminding people, through a hashtag that can be easily used on the web, that they should not just recycle drink cans – universally recognized as the most representative type of aluminium packaging – but they should also include other types of packaging, such as:

  • cans for meat, fish and pulses
  • trays for food preservation and cooking
  • cans and trays for pet food
  • aerosol/spray cans
  • aluminium foil, such as kitchen foil and chocolate wrappers
  • tubes for creams, preserves, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics
  • tops, lids and other types of sealing devices

From the last week in September the CIAL campaign will be on air on all Italian radio stations and on the main local radio stations in Cosenza, Salerno, Lecce, Cagliari and Sassari, with a 15-second broadcast. You can listen to the spot web version by clicking here


The web competition

The web competition for people in the towns of Cosenza, Salerno, Lecce, Sassari and Cagliari starts on 26 September.

With the tour around the town squares and the campaign on the radio and social networks, this initiative is another piece of the environmental message that the Consorzio CIAL is committed to delivering in these five towns.

The competition will allow the townspeople to connect every day and win one of the famous RICICLETTA® city bikes obtained from recycling 800 used aluminium drink cans.

The competition is open from Wednesday 26 September until 20 November. Participants must connect to

How does it work? Easy. Just answer a couple of questions on waste separation or solve some games that explain the value of recycling aluminium.

20 Riciclette per town will be up for grabs, which means 100 in all.

la ricicletta di cial