CIAL presents “Aluminium, Fashion & Food” a photographic exhibition that tells the world of aluminium, from the packaging to the objects of common use.

Whether at home, on the street, at work or at the movies, aluminium cans and containers are the ideal solution to preserve, protect and consume food and drink. Furthermore, they come across as chic and cool, and no woman can do without them. This is the personal interpretation of aluminium packaging as represented in 20 photographs taken by Malena Mazza for CIAL, the Italian Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Aluminium.

Malena Mazza’s women – unconventional and sensual, with an elegant and refined allure – are sure to seduce, whether depicted in the process of baking, with a yoghurt, sandwich or can in hand, or at the supermarket, as they stock up on strictly aluminium-packed goods. The packaging, in all its manifestations, is beautiful, bright and luminous – just like the photos by this extraordinary artist, who had already tried her hand with aluminium packaging in the past, and who today, with these shots, reinterprets and puts the spotlight on this material in a series of unusual settings, yet extremely evocative of its inherent practicality and functionality.

Aluminium is a fashionable, designer material, even in its simplest and most essential applications, such as when used in packaging. In this case, its characteristics make it the ideal material for preserving and protecting food and drinks at best. But aluminium is, above all, fully and endlessly recyclable. In this lies the scope and mission of CIAL, which, for over 15 years, has been promoting the separate collection of this valuable material in cities and towns countrywide.

On the occasion of the forthcoming Expo, and given the central role that will be held by food, beverage, nutrition, health and well-being in the coming months, Malena Mazza’s photographs contribute to raise aluminium packaging to stardom, enabling users to consume any food or drink, anywhere, safely and effortlessly, and at the ideal temperature. The end aim is to promote the widespread project – in which everyone is invited to join – of reducing food waste and ensuring a better future for us all.

Find below the invitation for the opening night. 

The exhibition will be open April 9 to 23, daily from 10 am to 19. In this post we present some photos of the exhibition preview.

Where? Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia – Padiglione Olona. 
via Olona, 6 Milano. 

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