The 2015 Social Responsibility and Innovation Show (Bocconi University, Milan), an event that the CIAL Consortium has been supporting as official partner since the outset, was held on 6 and 7 October.

The Show acts as a meeting place for companies and institutions wishing to discuss the issues of corporate social responsibility and good management practices to be applied, especially in the world of work.

Every year, more than 100 organisations meet to discuss these topical and deeply felt issues, and the CIAL Consortium, a historical partner of the Promoter Group, participates with various initiatives. This year, the biggest edition so far, was no exception.

In the afternoon of 6 October, CIAL took part in a conference entitled “Sustainable Living”.

How far have we gone in recent years to develop new ways of life that are more respectful of people and the environment? Participation, innovation and creativity have become keywords that underline a shared commitment to seek out more sustainable life patterns.

During the meeting, a number of organisations reiterated their commitment to address the needs of people, especially in bigger cities: use of renewable energy, waste management, improved separate waste collection, sharing of space and resources, efficient networking, and projects for more sustainable mobility.


  • Gino Schiona, Director General CIAL
  • Anna Meroni, Professor Politecnico di Milano
  • David Nespolo, Sustainability Manager Wind
  • Mauro Giovenzana, Head of Facilities Iberia, Italy, MENA SAP
  • Marco Cipolletta, Trade Marketing & Sales Support Manager Multiutility

convegno vivere sostenibile Milano 6 otobre 2015

The “Passion and Innovation” Mind Map.

Another CIAL initiative, this time with a striking visual impact, involved the creation of a mind map in aluminium, placed in the middle of the Bocconi University foyer, around which the entire show revolves.

Dedicated to the event’s main themes of passion and inspiration, the map had four themed branches – business, innovation, environment and sustainability – on which visitors could place their message of responsibility.

Below are some photographs of the initiative, which was an outstanding success much photographed on the social networks.

mappa mentale cial 2015 (5) mappa mentale cial 2015 (4) mappa mentale cial 2015 (3) mappa mentale cial 2015 (2) mappa mentale cial 2015 (1) IMG_1514 mappa mentale cial 2015 (6)


“Scatta la Mobilità” photo contest.

The “Scatta la Mobilità” photo contest came to an end during the Social Responsibility Show. Organised by our Consortium and the Show’s Promoter Group, the contest set out to raise awareness on the topic of sustainable mobility.

Hundreds of tweets arrived, and 20 finalist photos were selected among those submitted and voted for by the audience.

The winner, with the most voted photo, was awarded the famous Ricicletta – a city bike produced by CIAL by recycling 800 aluminium beverage cans.

Below are the top rated shots and the nickname of the users who took and submitted them. The first photograph is that of the winner: Elisa Pigoli from Como.


scatta la mobilità - esposizione 20 foto finaliste
scatta la mobilità – esposizione 20 foto finaliste