CIAL is taking part, as it has every year since the event’s inception in 1997, in the 21st edition of Ecomondo, the international fair for material and energy recovery and sustainable development – Italy’s largest gathering in the context of the green and circular economy.

Rimini Fiera, 7 – 10 November 2017.

The Consortium is bringing many initiatives that will involve the public, the press and contractors, starting with a completely revised exhibition area of about 800 square meters that CiAI, together with the other National Packaging Recycling Consortia (Conai, Comieco, Corepla, Rilegno, Coreve and Ricrea) has conceived, designed and built to welcome visitors and present innovations and the latest news in the field of packaging, separate refuse collection and recycling.

The area, located in Hall B1 of the Fiera, was designed with the aim of being user-friendly and technological, and will present – using large installations (4 metre-high towers of material) – the value of packaging materials (paper, plastic, glass, wood, steel and, of course, aluminium) and their recycling. The exhibition area will itself also complement a large Agora area in which a series of meetings, presentations and debates will be held over the course of Ecomondo’

CIAL initiatives at Ecomondo.

The #Nonsololattine advertising campaign (NON JUST CANS) 

From 6 November and running for three weeks, the 15-second “#Nonsololattine” radio ad will be on air across all national radio stations. Over the same period a video version of the same ad will be broadcast on the Facebook and YouTube social media channels, while a full-page, multiple subject print version has already appeared, for about 2 months, in magazines of the Cairo publishing house.

This new campaign reminds people, through a hashtag that can be easily used on the web, that they should not limit separate waste collection only to drinks cans – universally recognized as the definitive aluminium packaging – but should also include other types:

  • cans for meat, fish and pulses
  • trays for food preservation and cooking
  • spray cans
  • aluminium foil
  • tubes for creams, preserves, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics
  • caps and lids

All aluminium packagings that, exactly like cans, are infinitely and 100% recyclable.

For CIAL, Ecomondo is its first official opportunity to show the campaign and test its effectiveness on the public and industry professionals.

[youtube src=”PLnSZCL0h-Y”]


Presentation of the results of an initiative to collect aluminium cans on Costa Crociere cruise ships.

On 8 November at 11.30 am, in the Agorà area of the Conai – Consortia stand, a presentation will take place of the results so far of the “Message in a Can” project. This is a promotion and development project for the separate waste collection and recycling of aluminium drinks cans launched by CIAL and Costa Crociere, with the support of the Ministry of the Environment and of the Protection of Land and Sea.
The collection and recycling of aluminium from Costa ships in Savona began in 2007, and is now regarded as a model of good practice in the maritime sector. From 2007 to 2016 a total of around 393 tonnes of aluminium was recycled. Taking a 33-litre drinks can as the unit of measure, 393 tonnes are equivalent of 32 million cans (4.7 million cans only in the past year).

Participation in the event is free.

message in a can _ ecomondo 2017 _ invito 8 novembre

The partnership with Radio 24

CIAl and the National Consortia for the Recycling of Packaging in the Conai System will be partners – for the entire duration of the Ecomondo trade fair –  of Il Sole 24 Ore – Radio 24, the largest financial newspaper in Italy with its own widely-followed radio station.
The radio station, thanks to the support of the Consortia, will broadcast at Ecomondo with the most listened-to programmes in its schedule:

  • L’Altro Pianeta with Laura Bettini
  • Smart City with Maurizio Melis
  • Due di Denari with Debora Rosciani
  • Obiettivo Benessere with Nicoletta Carbone
  • La Bufala in Tavola with Nicoletta Carbone
  • Effetto Giorno with Simone Spezia

An opportunity for an on-air discussion of themes relating to recycling and sustainability, with high-profile expert journalists and a large audience.


The States-General of the Green Economy

On 7 and 8 November 2017 during Ecomondo, Rimini Fiera, the National Council for the Green Economy, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economic Development, is again hosting the Estates-General of the Green Economy 2017, focusing on the theme: “The Italian Green Economy: the challenge for the new legislature”.

The morning session of 7 November will open with the 3rd Report on the State of the Green Economy and Green Economy Proposals for the New Legislature.

This will be followed in the afternoon of 7 November with five parallel themed sessions focusing on the following subjects: the Green Cities Network in Italy; the Paris Agreement and Climate and Energy Policies; the Package of Circular Economy and Refuse Directives; Future Mobility; the Green Economy and Industrial Policies.

The programme will conclude on 8 November with an international session focusing on “Europe, China and the USA: the future of the Green Economy in the new world equilibrium”. Participants will include international corporations, institutional representatives from Europe, China and the USA, and global experts in the green economy.

Here is the schedule.


The Green Game

For the third consecutive year Green Game has been chosen by the Ministry of the Environment and of the Protection of Land and Sea as an educational, entertainment and reference format within its stand at ECOMONDO (Hall B7/D7 Stand 052).

Within the Hall occupied by the Ministry of the Environment a large space has been reserved for the Green Game – an initiative to welcome hundreds of students and adventurers who will be able to test their knowledge of separate waste collection and refuse recycling and win prizes and give-aways.

The game’s mechanism is now well-established: the right answers in as little time as possible to a quiz centred specifically on the environment and the correct recycling of refuse, using a wireless remote control supplied by the staff.

The initiative is being promoted and supported in its fifth year by the 6 CIAL National Packaging Collection, Recovery and Recycling Consortia – Comieco, Corepla, Coreve, Ricrea and Rilegno –  the first in the Marche, second in Puglia, the third in Sicily, the fourth in Lazio and Rome; and a touring version of the project is currently engaging High Schools in the Calabria region.
This is a success story that has involved and continues to involve thousands of students, and its goal is to encourage teenagers – through play and challenges – to become engaged in the themes of recycling and environmental sustainability in general.

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