2013 marked a profitable year for the CIAL Consortium, with some excellent results that have seen the collection of aluminium packaging in Italy achieve a figure of 70.3% of that which enters the market nationally.

This result was only made possible by the daily collaboration between the Consortium and over 5,400 municipalities, 450 companies and member bodies, 207 selection platforms and 13 recycling foundries.

The results for the year are contained, as is usual, in a report presented recently in a graphic version, prepared by the offices of Achilli-Ghizzardi in Milan, with the participation of the illustrator Alessandro Baronciani.

In recent years CIAL’s financial statements have not only been a financial and reporting tool, but also a veritable moment of aesthetic reflection on the properties of aluminium and its presence in the day-to-day life of each and every one of us. Edition after edition, photographers, illustrators and artists of international repute have been able to contribute, with their talents, to promoting the environmental message for which the Consortium is such an authoritative mouthpiece.

This year it was Alessandro Baronciani’s turn to tell us about the world of aluminium, through the drawings of a graphic novel that whisks us off to a magical and parallel world where aluminium packaging is always transformed into something new: because, yet again, aluminium never ceases to amaze!

Here is the story that Baronciani tells on behalf of CIAL.

Download the complete financial statement.