Giffoni, the greatest and most famous youth film festival in the world, is back. The programme (click here to download), presented at today’s press conference, promises a vast offering of ideas and initiatives (from 17 to 26 July 2015), thanks also to the ten-year collaboration with CIAL.

CIAL’s involvement in the festival concerns several initiatives and opportunities, all dedicated to the protection of the environment and in particular to recycling aluminium. Most worthy of note is the association’s contribution to the creation of 5000 t-shirts for the jury, printed with the Aluminium Recycling symbol as if to remind the jury members and the public of the importance of separate waste collection and recycling.


Italy’s recent educational reform has introduced Environmental Education as a school subject. Through the intervention of CIAL, on 23 July 2015 the Secretary of State for the Environment, Barbara Degani – an active promoter of the introduction of environment-related subjects in Italian schools – will meet with the young Giffoni Festival jurors to discuss and gather their views on the subject.




In January this year, CIAL and the Giffoni Film Festival launched the eighth educational project “Objective: Aluminium – Movie Experience”, a scholarship awarded with the support of the Ministry for the Environment and offered in Italy’s 5,100 high schools.

Students were asked to produce a movie on two topics: “The Aluminium around us” and “The role of Aluminium in Environmental Protection”. The movies could take any form, whether as viral videos, traditional commercials, news reports or cinematic/musical shorts.

The ten scholarship winners (two of whom were selected on Facebook and 8 by the jury) will be entitled to form part of the official Giffoni Festival jury, in the Generator + 16 – +18 categories, and will have a more difficult task than the other jurors. Video camera in hand, they will serve as veritable CIAL environmental reporters and will award the CIAL Prize for the Environment, the official Giffoni prize awarded to the competing film that best addresses environmental and sustainable development issues. The winning film will be awarded a griffon made of recycled aluminium.

Here are a few of the student videos selected this year, which will be presented at the Festival:

On the You Tube page you can watch all the winning videos of the “Objective: Aluminium” competition, which will be presented at the Giffoni Festival.


video by Matteo Giardino, 16 years old, Torino

[youtube src=”uvBgea1et_o”]


video by Giulia Zenere, 17 years old, Vicenza

[youtube src=”1QaCuXkA30I”]



Festival guests will be given a CIAL “Ricicletta®” city bike in recycled aluminium, obtained by recycling approximately 800 beverage cans, signifying the importance of recycling and respect for the environment. The “Ricicletta®” will be delivered to the attending guests who have most stood out throughout their career for their efforts to raise awareness on the values of sustainable development and environmental protection.



Once again, CIAL has created iconic “piggy bank” shaped cans personalised with the Giffoni “Carpe Diem” graphics. The gadgets will provide all the youths attending the festival, as well as its many visitors, with a special and significant memento of the event: because recycling aluminium means saving a huge amount of energy and matter.