Giuseppina Carnimeo is the new General Manager of CIAL

Giuseppina Carnimeo is the new General Manager of CIAL, the National Aluminium Packaging Consortium. She was appointed by the Board of Directors on 11 December in Milan.

She succeeds Enrico Artigiani, General Manager of CIAL for two years: from November 2018 to December 2020.

After a degree in Economics, achieved in 1998 at the University of Bari and a Master in “Management of the Environment” at the Sant’Anna School of University Studies and Specialization in 1999, Giuseppina Carnimeo manages , with growing responsibilities and autonomy, commercial relations in the environmental and waste management fields, for sustainability and environmental compliance verification for companies operating in various industrial sectors.

After various professional experiences, also in the university and research fields, she joined CIAL in 2005 as Head of the Development of Separate Waste Collection, in the last two years, the role of Head of Materials Management and Assistant General Manager with the task of define commercial strategies, priorities for intervention and development of territorial and industrial relations, from collection to recycling, with coordination of the internal resources of the support functions for logistics and quality.

“The great experience acquired in the national packaging and packaging waste management system, which is part of Conai and the supply chain consortia, make Giuseppina Carnimeo a particularly qualified candidate to cover the role of General Manager of CIAL, also in view of new and challenging scenarios which, following the recent transposition of the European directives of the Circular Economy package, require new approaches and strategies to achieve priority objectives for the separate collection and recycling of materials.” The President of CIAL Bruno Rea underlined that he also took the opportunity to thank the outgoing director Enrico Artigiani for the excellent work done and the important results achieved, in a delicate transition phase, at the helm of the Consortium from November 2018 to today.