Will take place in Florence, on next February 23, the conference “Imballaggio in Alluminio” (Aluminium Packaging), promoted by the Italian Packaging Institute with the support of CIAL Consortium.

Three main themes of the meeting:

  • technological innovations that have marked the packaging applications
  • the discipline on food contact materials
  • environmental sustainability

An educational and informative event to provide participants with a support of knowledge to better understand the world of packaging made of aluminum, for different observation points: raw materials producers, converters, users and analytical laboratories.

The first and the main constituent materials used in production, manufacturing processes, the legal provisions present at nationwide, European and international level, environmental aspects that aluminum follows with his propensity for recycling as material, the delicate and complex profiles of laboratory tests which by law or in the good practices are carried out, are the major issues on which relationships will be developed.

Below the entire program of the day.

For information and registration: :  phone +39 02 58319624 – email:


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