After looking at the results of aluminium packaging recycling and waste collection in Italy, CIAL (Italian Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Aluminium Packaging) drafted a special performance chart, with a ranking list of the best performing Municipalities and companies operating in the sector of aluminium waste separation.

CIAL used this list to award the so-called “Premio Resa” (Return Award) – essentially a financial incentive aimed at encouraging intensive waste separation models that can valorise the full potential of individual collection basins all over Italy.

Thanks to this award, euro 408.000  will be paid out for 2013 performance – in addition to the funds that are already included in the Anci-Conai Framework Agreement.

66% was paid to Municipalities and collectors in northern Italy, 27% to subjects in southern Italy and 7% to Municipalities in central Italy.

In all, 64 subjects were awarded CIAL’s 2013 “Premio Resa”.

Listed below are some of the ones from northern Italy:

  • Società Amsa a2a, which deals with waste collection and separation in Milan and 9 of the surrounding Municipalities.
  • Società Aspem, which is active in Varese.
  • Alto Vicentino Ambiente, which serves 28 Municipalities in the province of Vicenza, including Schio.
  • Società Etra, which serves 22 Municipalities in the province of Vicenza and 39 Municipalities in the province of Padua (among them, Bassano del Grappa is the largest).
  • Contarina, which deals with waste collection and separation in Treviso and 33 Municipalities in that province.
  • Demap Srl, which serves no fewer than 228 municipalities in the province of Turin, (Moncalieri is the largest among them).
  • Società Snua, which serves Pordenone and 31 of the Municipalities in that province.
  • Isontina Ambiente, which serves the entire province of Gorizia.
  • Iren Emilia, which is active in Reggio Emilia and in 37 Municipalities in that province.

In Central – Southern Italy the prize was awarded to: 

  • Società Del Prete, which serves 4 Municipalities in Latium, including Cisterna di Latina.
  • Gea Srl, which deals with waste in 7 Municipalities in the regions of Abruzzi and Latium, including Ceccano (Frosinone) and Pescasseroli (L’Aquila).
  • Cosvega, in Francavilla al Mare, in the province of Chieti.
  • Società Ecosansperate, which is active in Sardinia and serves 124 Municipalities including Quarto Sant’Elena and Carbonia.
  • Gesam, which manages waste in 7 Municipalities in the province of Sassari, the largest of which is Alghero.
  • Società Asm, in Molfetta.
  • Ecotecnica, which is active in Lecce and in 15 Municipalities in that province.
  • Ambiente Srl, which deals with waste collection and separation in 9 Municipalities in the province of Naples, including Arzano and Ottaviano.
  • Penisolaverde, in the region of Campania, which manages waste collection and separation in 2 Municipalities in the province of Naples, including Sorrento.
  • Società Sarco, in Sicily, which is active in 15 Municipalities in the province of Catania, including Giarre.

In absolute terms, considering the total amounts collected and delivered to CIAL in 2013, the regions of Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Piedmont are the four highest ranking among the top ten, followed by the regions of Sardinia, Campania, Umbria, Latium, Tuscany and Sicily, in that order.

This is an important result that proves how valid the management system underlying the Anci-Conai Framework Agreement is, as it guarantees the growth and the consolidation of waste collection and treatment services, with results and performance that are improving and are in line with European standards.