The lights have just dimmed on Italy’s 2016 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monza (Sept. 2-4), with the resounding success of the initiative promoted by Consortium CIAL and Heineken, the main sponsor of the event, devised and implemented with a view to promoting the proper separate collection and recycling of aluminium beer cans.

Together, CIAL and Heineken put the spotlight on environmental sustainability by creating a life-size Formula 1 car from 1,200 Heineken beer cans and 500kg of strictly recovered aluminium in total, between sheet metal and other assembly parts. The aim was to promote the extraordinary properties of aluminium – the material chosen by the Dutch company to distribute its beer – which can be recycled an unlimited number of times.

Producing the car was not a simple endeavour. It took 10 craftsmen 3 months to complete. The task was entrusted to the non-profit organization from Coccaglio (Brescia), “Vita per la Vita”, which has long been working with CIAL on the creation of great works and monuments made from cans (see our photo gallery).

The car, positioned in full view at the Vedano entrance of the Monza racetrack, attracted the attention and curiosity of all racing fans, who showed great interest and took lots of pictures alognside the vehicle.

The installation symbolises Heineken’s commitment to treating sustainability as a priority, in line with the brewery’s virtuous business model. Heineken is a firm believer in the increasingly efficient and responsible use of resources and in optimising the production and distribution of beer.

In 2015, Heineken Italy recycled 99.9% of its production waste.

The partnership with CIAL is a natural evolution of this strategy, as aluminium is fully and endlessly recyclable. Producing articles in recycled aluminium saves 95% of the energy needed for production from ore (bauxite), and every kg of recycled aluminium saves 12 kg of CO2.

The special car made of cans also displayed the logo “When You Drive, Never Drink”, marking a new chapter in the history of Heineken and its commitment to the promotion of responsible consumption. With the statement “When You Drive, Never Drink”, Heineken leaves no room for doubt on the options available to drivers, thus reinforcing the drink-driving message.

Below are some photographs of the car.