CIAL launches a trial collection of aluminium coffee capsules.

The province of Lecco will be the first jurisdiction in the country to trial the separate collection of aluminium coffee capsules. The service will start in April 2017 and will involve simply placing the aluminium capsules in purple recyclable waste bags.

The project, implemented jointly by Silea SpA and CIAL, follows on from evaluations and tests carried out at the Seruso multi-material recycling plant where, after the initial sorting, a further screening treatment detects the capsule components along with other aluminium elements.

Below we show an example of communication materials that citizens receive.

silea capsule caffè 2

“This project ,” explains  Mauro Colombo, Chairman of Silea SpA “is intended to increase recycling and reduce the amount of waste destined for disposal, by focusing on a new and rapidly growing type of waste. Through the collection, treatment and recovery of aluminium we can effectively combine the development of new markets and the circular economy. We are especially pleased that our Company has been chosen to launch this trial”.

Gino Schiona, Managing Director of CIAL, explains that “Increasingly ambitious recycling goals and a growing demand for durable materials and applications means  that materials like aluminium – which is by nature durable and permanent – will be collected and recovered, even in the smallest and minute quantities after the sorting and processing of recyclable materials, leading to significant benefits in economic, social and environmental terms .” Schiona also points out that “CIAL and Silea have for some years been running a form of post-screening recovery, providing increasing amounts of aluminium recycled from blisters, caps, closure components and other small items and packaging that from now on can include coffee capsules, given their compatible size and value.” Schiona concludes, saying,”This is a great environmental protection project and an effective solution for environmentally sound management of a new type of waste. The  recovery and recycling of this waste will ensure increased savings of material and energy.”