Italian national consortia Corepla, Comieco and CIAL remind us how easy it is to be ecological every day just by following a few simple rules

Four unconventional, modern households who all share a “green” soul, their busy everyday lives and scenes in their homes are featured in the new TV drama “Amore pensaci tu”, to be broadcast for the first time on Italian television channel Canale 5 in February.

A TV drama mirroring the real lives of Italian households which, in partnership with the country’s national consortia for the recycling of plastic (Corepla), paper and card (Comieco) and aluminium (CIAL), puts ecology and civic duty in the spotlight by underlining the importance of a common everyday practice: separate collection of wastes for recycling.

The partnership, established on the initiative of Mediaset, goes beyond the usual “product placement” scheme, in view of the social and community purposes of the three consortia.

All of us have to deal with plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and packaging, and aluminium trays and tins, their disposal and recycling: activities which have by now become a familiar aspect of our everyday lives. This is why Mediaset, in telling the story of the everyday life of 4 households, wanted these issues to be addressed in all episodes of the show.

Civic duty and virtuous acts such as separate collection of wastes for recycling can, after all, be taught by example. What better context than the household and the home for encouraging public awareness of the value inherent in simple little acts of great importance: remembering that disposable plastic plates and cups should be disposed of with plastics, that receipts should be thrown away with non-recyclable garbage rather than paper, and that not only beverage tines but aluminium trays, boxes and foil can be recycled.

These simple little acts have become an almost unconscious aspect of our daily lives, but they do make a difference for the environment, for our cities, and for the new circular economy, permitting production of new raw materials through separate collection and recycling of wastes.

The most recent Ipsos figures (2015) regarding Italians’ sense of civic duty confirm the importance of everyday practices demonstrating awareness of the environment, such as separate collection of wastes, considered a positive quality by 9 out of 10 Italians because of the benefits it offers for the entire community. This reality has been amply demonstrated by the results achieved in separate collection of plastic, paper and card, and aluminium, which has grown significantly, making Italy a virtuous example for Europe.

The “Amore pensaci tu“ television series starts in the middle of February, in the early evening on Canale 5, and many expect it to rival the past success of great stories such as “Un Medico in Famiglia” and “I Cesaroni“.

Many well-known actors will be appearing in the series, including Martina Stella, Emilio Solfrizzi, Fabio Troiano, Giuliana DeSio and many more who have dedicated their time and energy to the issue of the environment and the message of the three consortia for recycling of #paper, #plastic and #aluminium.

The making of the series was a great experience, a truly successful experiment, as it emerged during the presentation of the new series in Milan on January 30.