The first Italian experience of the great European project “Every Can Counts” was held, thanks to CIAL and the international work group to which it belongs.

The occasion chosen for the debut was the Moto GP of San Marino and Riviera di Rimini.

Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli: 13 – 15 September 2019.

The Every Can Counts project, named in Italy OGNI LATTINA VALE, is intended to encourage people to recycle beverage cans consumed in places far from home or office, such as traveling, outdoors, on the occasion of cultural and sporting events, concerts, meetings, matches or major sporting events,

At the last Moto GP,  CIAL organized and managed, during the 3 days of the event, which was attended by about 160,000 people, a large space dedicated to the world of cans, to recycling and the environmental qualities of aluminium: 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable material.

The inscription “I ❤ MISANO”, once filled, represented a perfect setting for every souvenir photo.

In addition, to support the waste collection service already active in the circuit area, CIAL has organized a team of green riders to collect the largest number of used cans from those who were in places of the circuit far from the recycling points.

The green-riders, equipped with uniforms and can-collecting backpacks, have traveled the circuit far and wide collecting a huge amount of used cans.

Also present at the MotoGp Redbull which distributed about 33 thousand cans, most of which were sent for recycling.

CIAL and Redbull, in order to operate at its best within the Circuit, have joined the KISS MISANO sustainability program, coordinated by Right Hub.

(images provided by Right Hub)

OGNI LATTINA VALE  was born with the intention of strengthening the separate collection of aluminIum packaging which, in Italy, is active in 85% of Italian municipalities, with the involvement of about 54 million citizens.

According to the results of 2018, Italy has recycled 80% of the aluminium packaging.


Every Can Counts is working to encourage people to recycle the beverage  cans they use  when they are away from home – for example at work or whilst ‘on the go’.

Our eye-catching brand is proving popular with consumers, employers, event organisers and brands across Europe.

Every Can Counts was originally developed in the United Kingdom to target the approximately 30% of drinks cans used outside the home.

Launched in 2009 the original focus was on the cans used in workplaces – offices, canteens and universities – providing practical support and advice to enable emplyers to start, or reinvigorate, a recycling scheme. In 2010 Every Can Counts expanded its focus to drinks cans used by people on the go, in particular at music festivals and tourist locations.

In the same year the model developed in the United Kingdom and was replicated in France (Chaque Canette Compte) and Austria (Jede Dose Zaehlt).

Every Can Counts has successfully established itself as the umbrella brand for promoting drinks can recycling outside the home, with programmes now also running in Hungary, Romania, Ireland, Scotland, Montenegro, Greece, Spain and more recently introduced in Serbia, Belgium and Poland.

In total, with Italy’s latest membership, the program is now active in 13 European countries.