Napoli Eden is the art project designed and created by the artist Annalaura di Luggo. Supported by CIAL and under the patronage of the Municipality of Naples, the project was inaugurated on 7th December in Naples.

The idea underlying the initiative is to place four works of art in the city’s squares, streets, alleys and historical sites. These works are made with aluminium waste that was brought to life by art and therefore not melted down in foundries.

This experiment was born to transform aluminium and other manipulable materials into coloured works of art, which are lit up and challenge architecture in an idea of contemporary Baroque style. The intent is to overcome the differences between the city centre and the suburbs, speaking of a great, widespread centrality which tends to abolish the very concept of suburb.

The artistic operation consists in “fragments” of a symbolic garden made of aluminium. Through Napoli Eden, the artist Annalaura di Luggo aims to have sparkling works of art shine upon the squares of Naples, like in a new big bang – the idea of birth and rebirth begins from here.

The art installations can be visited and admired until 10th January 2019 in the squares listed below:

  • Largo Santa Caterina
  • Piazza del Municipio
  • Galleria Umberto I
  • Largo Baracche

The fil rouge connecting the art installations is the rebirth of the city of Naples that, thanks to the brightness provided by aluminium, will shine in the eyes of Neapolitans and tourists.

In this way art becomes a transversal language that raises awareness of social matters – scrap material is transformed so it highlights considerations on the theme of rebirth and of civil and social responsibility.

Below are photographs of the works of art, which can be admired until 10th January 2019.