The 2016 school contest “Obiettivo Alluminio, Rinascere all’Infinito  (An Endless Life Cycle)” organised by CIAL (the Italian Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Aluminium) in collaboration with the Giffoni Film Festival – the most important international festival for kids and teenagers film – and with the sponsorship of the Ministry of the Environment, has now come to an end.

The initiative saw the involvement of Italy’s 5,000 high schools.

The project set out to promote aluminium and its possible applications in daily life, so as to raise awareness among the young and among citizens on the importance of the separate collection of this precious material which, in addition to being widely used, is also 100% recyclable for an unlimited number of times.

CIAL asked high school students to test their skills as young film makers, producing videos (of any style or type) on the aluminium world surrounding them. To this end, they were given the choice whether to take a classical journalistic stance, or a more cinematographic, musical or even viral approach.

As many as 402 videos were submitted, each of which was entirely produced by the students, from the storyboard through to the editing phase.

The 10 winning videos were chosen:

  •  partly by a jury, based on several criteria: consistency with the environmental message to be disseminated, creativity, originality and a certain amount of technical knowledge;
  •  partly by the online public through the Facebook page of the CIAL Consortium, through an opinion poll that garnered about 20,000 votes.

The 10 winning students will form part of the jury of the Giffoni Film Festival (15 to 24 July 2016).

The students, who will be hosted by the festival throughout the event, will also be called to form the Environmental Jury, which will deliver the CIAL Award for the Environment (a Griffon made of recycled aluminium) to the film that best addresses environmental and sustainable development issues. Video camera in hand, they will also serve as the Consortium’s environmental reporters, shooting highlights and behind the scenes footage of the event and interviewing those present.

In addition to the 10 winners, the jury also accorded special mentions to 5 videos.

Watch them all here:

[youtube src=”FNrNnzUSg10″]


Below are listed the winners and the special mention honorees:


  • Arren Rivera, from the Science High School “F. Arcangeli” of Bologna, with the video “Recycling hearts”
  • Michele Piperno, from the Institute “A. Cravetta” of Savigliano (Cuneo), with the video “Edward aluminium hands”
  • Alessandro Cracolici, from the Science High School “S. Cannizzaro” of Palermo, with the video “Flying into infinity”
  • Luigi Di Domenico, from the Art High School “Sabatini – Menna” of Salerno, for the video “Rubbish is in the eye of the beholder”
  • Alice San Giorgi, from the Institute “G. Guarini” of Modena, with the video “The aluminium dance”
  • Leonardo De Cristofaro, from the Science High School “F. Enriques” of Ostia, with the video “Billy the Rabbit”
  • Arianna Forti, from the Institute “Don Orione” of Piacenza, with the video “Al reinvents himself for love”
  • Antea Rodella, from the Institute “G. Bagatta” of Desenzano del Gard (Brescia), with the video “Love is in the Al”
  • Andrea Prati, from the Science High School “G. Cardano” of Pavia, with the video “We are aluminium”
  • Bruno Nogarotto, from the Art High School “F. Arcangeli” of Bologna, for with video “Build your own masterpiece”


  • Camilla Baruffa, from the Art High School “F. Arcangeli” of Bologna, for the video “Zombie Can”
  • Leonardo Di Paola, from the Science High School “Marie Curie” of Collegno (Turin), for the video “When you recycle aluminium, you are sure to score”
  • Cristian Valencia, from the Art High School “G. Cantalamessa” of Macerata, for the video “Aluminium and life”
  • Alessio Camporeale, from the Science High School “Aristotle” of Rome, for the video “A New Life”
  • Brian Trillini, from the Institute “A. Panzini” of Senigallia (Ancona), for the video “Aluminium is eternal. Just like love”