obiettivo alluminio 2018

It’s important to know about the uses of aluminium in everyday life, its applications and qualities, in order to collect the material properly for recycling, necessary to protect the environment.

CIAL is organising “Obiettivo Alluminio – Rinascere all’Infinito” a project for secondary school students all over Italy, in partnership with the Giffoni Film Festival, the world’s biggest kids’ film festival, with the support of the Environment Ministry.

The initiative, currently being held for the eleventh year in a row, has been hugely successful, and is considered one of the most important environmental education projects in schools today.

It is an educational scholarship programme in which kids join the Giffoni Festival jury every year, a unique educational experience.

The goal of the project is to promote awareness among teenagers of the importance of separate collection and recycling of aluminium, a material that is 100% recyclable an infinite number of times.

The contest organisers will be contacting all of Italy’s 5,000 secondary schools in the days to come, providing a supporting kit and inviting teachers and pupils to participate in the initiative, which introduces a new feature this year.

The idea

Promoting an ideas contest for secondary school students through an educational programme involving production of videos and photos.

The students will be asked to submit to the contest organisers:

  • a video they have filmed entirely themselves, from storyboard to final editing, about everyday uses of aluminium: packaging, separate collection, and the importance of recycling.
  • or, and this is the new feature in this year’s contest, a single photograph or series of 3 to 6 photographs telling a story about the world of aluminium, use of packaging, separate collection or recycling.

The scholarship focuses on two key themes:

  • Aluminium all around us
  • Aluminium as a sustainable, eternal material

The students will be able to obtain the information they need to produce their projects through a number of channels:

  • educational materials created for the occasion
  • the web site

social channels:

  • www.instagram/alurecycling

Prizes and winners

Obiettivo Alluminio will have a total of 20 winners: 10 videomakers + 10 photographers:

  • the 10 students who present the top 10 videos.
  • the 10 students who present the best photos representing the contest themes.

Each “videomaker” winner will be offered an opportunity to sit on the jury of the Giffoni Film Festival and a digital camera for use becoming an environmental reporter for the CIAL Consortium.

Each “photographer” winner will be awarded a digital camera.

The winners will be chosen on the basis of two separate criteria:

  • 16 winners, 8 videomakers and 8 photographers, will be chosen by a jury of experts on education and the environment
  • 4 winners, 2 videomakers and 2 photographers, will be chosen by members of the general public viewing CIAL and its online activities on the web.

Partnership with the Giffoni Film Festival

For a number of years now, CIAL has been working with the Giffoni Film Festival, the world’s most prestigious kids’ film festival, in a partnership aimed at producing teaching materials for environmental education which are consistent and easily accessible by the event’s young audiences.

Under the partnership with Giffoni:

  • the winning videomakers will become members of the official jury of the festival, held in Giffoni Valle Piana (Salerno) in July 2018;
  • they will be guests of the festival throughout the event, forming an “Environmental Jury” and choosing the film that best represents environmental issues and sustainable development. Their task will be to choose the filmmaker whose film best represents a conscientious lifestyle and way of interacting with the environment and the world around us;
  • the kids will therefore award the “CIAL Award for the Environment”, an official prize presented in the festival, which is being held for the thirteenth time in 2018, represented by a Griffin (symbol of Giffoni) made of recycled aluminium;
  • in addition to sitting on the jury, the ten winning videomakers will be treated as special guests during the festival, provided with video cameras to film the highlights of the film festival, talking to and interviewing festival guests and audiences


  • February 13 – material delivered to all schools
  • May 24 – deadline for project submission
  • June 15 – selection of the ten winners
  • July 20-28 2018 – Giffoni Film Festival


Below is a selection of projects presented in recent years. Original, creative videos.



di Elia Perotto, 18 years old, Savigliano (Cuneo)

[youtube src=”PhjydJ6Icso”]



di Eva Ielo – 18 years old, Catania

[youtube src=”HbMAG1H7odE”]



di Arren Rivera – 18 years old, Bologna

[youtube src=”guPx7DZEfyI”]



di Iheb Khalfaoui – 18 years old Piacenza

[youtube src=”04XtGlrWJqs”]



di Matteo Giardina – 16 years old, Torino

[youtube src=”uvBgea1et_o”]



di Lorenzo Arrigoni – 18 years old, Bergamo

[youtube src=”a8oswnEJfcI”]



di Petra Errico – 15 years old, Fossalta di Piave (Venezia)

[youtube src=”n-ccCt1_0qY”]



di Andrea Tiriaca – 17 years old, Spoleto

[youtube src=”ztems2Aitnc”]



Di Samuele Pino – 16 years old, Spadafora (Messina)

[youtube src=”oHDJWgHuewk”]

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