Obiettivo Alluminio returns with another competition that awards the creativity of secondary and upper secondary school students.

Take part in the contest by creating a story: make a video, take one or a series of photographs, or create social media content about aluminium and how it is recycled, and become an influencer for CIAL.


Knowing about aluminium, it’s qualities and applications in everyday life, is essential for an aware and conscientious recycling of the material. It is also extremely necessary if we want to save the environment.

The Obiettivo Alluminio project is promoted by CIAL throughout Italy and is specifically created for secondary and upper secondary level students, in collaboration with the Giffoni Film Festival, one of the most important film festivals for young people in the world, promoted by the Ministry for the Environment.

Already in its twelfth year, today, the initiative has become so successful that it is now one of the most important educational and environmental programmes that a school can offer its pupils.

Furthermore, this year’s contest has been completely updated and has a lot of novelties in store.

Visit the Obiettivo Alluminio website (LINK).

An educational programme that allows young people to become part of the Giffoni Film Festival jury and live a one-of-a-kind educational experience.

The aim of the project? Raise young peoples’ awareness of recycling in general and recycling of aluminium, a material that can be 100%, infinitely recycled.

This week, the competition secretary will be contacting 5.000 Italian secondary and upper secondary schools, providing them with a support kit and inviting pupils and teachers to take part in the initiative, which this year will be very different from the ones organised in the past.

The Idea

Promote a competition for secondary level pupils through an educational programme that enables them to produce multimedia content that can be used on the social networks.

Students will be required to send the organisational secretary the following materials:

  • A film made entirely by the student (from the storyboard to the final editing process), that tells the story of the everyday use of aluminium: packaging, recycling and the importance of recycling the material.


  • A single photograph, or series of photographs (from 2 to 10 images) or social media content, such as GIFs or graphic representations, that tell the story of the world of aluminium, the use of packaging or recycling.


The two principal themes of the study programme are:

  • The aluminium that surrounds us
  • Aluminium, a sustainable and eternal material

Students can find all the necessary information for producing their works through the following channels:

  • Specifically devised educational materials
  • On the website
  • Via Internet and social media:
  2. www.instagram/alurecycling

See the winning submissions from 2018.

Prizes and Winners

There will be 20 winners of Obiettivo Alluminio: 10 video makers + 10 photographers or producers of social media content. More specifically:

  • the 10 students who present the best videos.
  • the 10 students who present the best photographs (or other form of social media content) that best represent the proposed themes.

Each winner of the ‘video maker’ category will have the chance to become part of the Giffoni Film Festival jury and will be awarded a digital camera, allowing them to become the perfect environmental reporter for Consorzio CIAL.

Each winner of the ‘photographer’ category (or other form of social media content) will be awarded a digital camera.

The winners will be selected in the following manner:

– 16 winners, 8 video makers and 8 photographers (or other form of social media content), will be chosen by a jury of educational and environmental experts;

–  whereas, 4 winners, 2 video makers and 2 photographers (or other form of social media content), will be chosen by CIAL’s online followers and via other online activities.

The collaboration with the Giffoni Film Festival

For many years, CIAL has been collaborating with the Giffoni Film Festival, the most prestigious film festival for young people in the world. This close collaboration is focused on providing a coherent education on the environment that is easily accessible to the young participants.

The collaboration with Giffoni will involve:

  • On selection of the winning video makers, the participants will become part of the official festival award ceremony, held at Giffoni Valle Piana (Salerno, Italy), in July 2019;
  • The young people hosted by the festival will be asked to form an ‘Environment Jury’, choosing the films in the competition that they feel best reflect the theme of the environment and sustainable development. More specifically, they will nominate the creator of the film that best represented a conscious lifestyle and awareness of the relationship between the environment and the world that surrounds us.
  • The young people will also handover the “Premio CIAL per l’Ambiente” Grifone (symbol of the griffin) award, made from recycled aluminium, to the winner;
  • As well as being judges, the ten winning students will also become special rapporteurs, armed with video cameras to film the highlights of the festival, interviewing other guests and young people at the event.


  • 22 February 2019: material delivered to the schools
  • 28 May 2019: delivery deadline for works
  • 15 June 2019: Nomination of the ten winners;
  • 19-27 luglio 2019: Giffoni Film Festival