CIAL – Italy’s National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Aluminium Packaging – has launched the seventh “Obiettivo Alluminio – Movie Experience” competition and scholarship programme in partnership with Giffoni Film Festival and with the support of the Environment Ministry.

The project aims to increase young peoples’ awareness of the importance of collecting and recycling aluminium, a material which can be completely recycled an infinite number of times.

Students from all the country’s 5,000 secondary schools will become video makers and create videos of all types and formats about the world of aluminium. The videos may be produced using a journalistic approach, as short fiction films or music videos, or even as viral videos: all forms of expression are permitted.

Videos may be presented to the examining commission by uploading them directly to by 27 May 2014.

The ten winners will be admitted to the jury of the Giffoni Film Festival (Giffoni Valle Piana – Salerno – 19-28 July 2014).

The winners will be the organisers’ guests during the festival dates and will form an Environment Jury awarding the CIAL Environment Prize (a griffon made of recycled aluminium) to the film best representing the importance of the environment and sustainable development.

The winners will also take out their video cameras to act as the Association’s environmental reporters, filming key moments at the film festival and interviewing festival guests and other young participants.

Last year’s Obiettivo Alluminio contest was a huge success. The organisers received 368 submissions: complete videos made entirely by secondary school students, from the storyboard to editing, in an explosion of creativity ensuring that the issues of waste handling, separate collection and recycling of materials were treated in a new, “lighter” way.

All the information necessary to participate may be found at the website:

Watch the winners of the 2013 contest: HERE