“Obiettivo Alluminio – Movie Experience” is undoubtedly one of the best-known and most successful educational projects of all those dedicated to environmental themes.

Not only because it has now been organised for 8 years, becoming increasingly popular with each edition, and attracting an extremely high number of participants, but also because, it renews itself each year, adapting itself to the media currently used by young people to communicate.

The competition, which is a true scholarship, is promoted by CIAL in collaboration with the Giffoni Film Festival and with the sponsorship of the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea.

The project objective is to raise the awareness of the youngest members of our society regarding the theme of waste separation and aluminium recycling, a material that is 100% and infinitely recyclable.

How to participate.

Students from all of the 5,000 Italian secondary schools can test their skills as young filmmakers, creating videos (of all formats and types) about the world of aluminium that surrounds them. In their videos, they can not only choose to use the journalistic medium, but also cinema, music and also viral forms of communication. Indeed all forms of expression will be welcome.

The videos presented to the examining board must be sent, or directly uploaded to the web site by 26th May 2015.

The ten winners will join the panel at the Giffoni Film Festival (Giffoni Valle Piana, Salerno from 17 to 26 July 2015).

The winning films will not only be chosen by the technical panel, but also by members of the online community, who can vote for their favourites on facebook, twitter and instagram. In this way, two videos will automatically gain access to the shortlist of finalists and the filmmakers responsible for creating these will be able to go to Giffoni.

The young people, who will be the guests of the festival throughout the event, will be called upon to be part of the Environmental Panel responsible for assigning the CIAL Award for the Environment (the Grifone made of recycled aluminium) by choosing the film that best represents environmental and sustainable development issues.

Furthermore, during the event, the environmental reporters of the CIAL Consortium, armed with their video cameras (again presented to them by the Consortium), will be expected to film the highlights of the Giffoni festival, by meeting and interviewing the guests and other young people present.

The previous editions.

In previous years, Obiettivo Alluminio has been an enormous success. Hundreds of works have arrived at the organisers’ office. Entire videos, created from A to Z by young people, from the storyboard stage to the cutting floor. A burst of creativity that has led to a new and undoubtedly “lighter” way of tackling the subjects of waste, and the separation and recycling of materials.

We are proud to present you with a selection of the most popular videos. 


Lorenzo Arrigoni – 18 years old, Bergamo

[youtube src=”a8oswnEJfcI”]


Petra Errico – 15 years old, Venice

[youtube src=”n-ccCt1_0qY”]


Andrea Tiriaca – 17 years old, Spoleto

[youtube src=”ztems2Aitnc”]


Iona Sorina – 17 years old, Montecatini

[youtube src=”lq3U5dkGjVA”]


di Giovanni Merlini – 18 anni, San Benedetto del Tronto

[youtube src=”Praf9nvjhaA”]


Giorgia Festi – 16 years old, Aosta

[youtube src=”pFmMFlffGd8″]


Samuele Pino – 16 years old, Messina

[youtube src=”oHDJWgHuewk”]


Vittoria Elena Simone – 16 years old, Matera

[youtube src=”CwgybtgAMG4″]


Domenico Bevilacqua – 17 years old, Bari

[youtube src=”qExlZJl5A3E”]

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