After analysing the 2016 data relating to aluminium packaging recycling and waste separation in Italy, CIAL – Consorzio Nazionale per il Recupero e il Riciclo dell’Alluminio (the Italian Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Aluminium) has drafted a special ranking that lists the municipalities and waste management companies with the best qualitative and quantitative performance in terms of aluminium waste separation.

Based on this ranking, CIAL has awarded the “Premio Resa”  a financial incentive aimed at encouraging intensive waste separation models that can enhance the full potential of individual catchment areas all over Italy.

Thanks to this award, €280,000 will be paid out for 2016 performance; this is in addition to the funds that are already included in the Anci-Conai framework agreement, 57% of which were paid to municipalities and collectors in northern Italy, 36% to subjects in southern Italy and 7% to municipalities in central Italy.

In all, 46 subjects were awarded CIAL’s 2016 “Premio Resa”.

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In greater detail:

To mention a few virtuous examples, in Lombardy we have the excellent collection results of a2a in Brescia and Bergamo, of Amsa a2a in Milan, and of Acsa in Cornaredo. Also worthy of note are the good results registered by Como and by the municipalities of Monza and Opera, in the province of Milan.

Still in northern Italy, this time in Veneto, it is worth noting Unione Montana Agordina, which pools together 16 municipalities in the province of Belluno (first and foremost Agordo), and the companies Etra and Serit, with their respective municipalities, Bassano del Grappa and Villafranca di Verona.

Another virtuous example is given by the Carnia region of Friuli, which pools together 28 municipalities in the province of Udine.

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In central Italy, one of the companies to have received the award for the separate collection of aluminium is Valfreddana Recuperi, a company that serves 24 municipalities in the province of Lucca plus the city of Massa, while in the south, there are various companies to be reported for their excellent results.

In Campania, the CIAL Consortium rewarded: Ambiente SpA, which handles waste collection in 23 municipalities in the province of Naples, including Ercolano and Pomigliano d’Arco; Penisola Verde SpA, which also operates in Sorrento, a town that has often been rewarded by the Consortium at national level as part of the Legambiente Comuni Ricicloni initiative; and Nappi Sud, the company that manages leading municipalities in the area of Salerno, such as Battipaglia and Eboli. Still in Campania, it is also worth mentioning the excellent results of two municipalities in the Cilento region: Agropoli and Casalvelino.

In Molise, the award went to Giuliani Environment, which serves eight municipalities in the province of Campobasso. In Calabria, it went to Servizi Ecologici di Marchese Giosè, in Tarsia in the province of Cosenza, and to Ecosistem Srl, in Lametia Terme. In Puglia, the entities that stood out are the municipality of Cassano delle Murge, in the province of Bari, and the company Ecotecnica, which operates in the provinces of Lecce and Brindisi, serving countless small municipalities in the area.

Sardinia deserves a chapter unto itself, with 45% of the municipalities – 168 out of 377 – managed by company or territories awarded by CIAL: in particular, the companies Ecosansperate and Ichnos Ambiente in Uta (Cagliari), Gesam in Sassari, and Consorzio Industriale Provinciale Oristanese (the Provincial Industrial Consortium of Oristano). The most virtuous Sardinian towns include Alghero, Cagliari, Nuoro and Oristano.

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The CIAL Premio Resa shows how widespread and well organized aluminium recycling is in Italy. There are at present 6,607 Italian municipalities undertaking the recycling of aluminium packaging (82% of the total), with the involvement of some 52.6 million inhabitants (88.5% of the country’s population).

This is an important result that proves how valid the management system underlying the Anci-Conai Framework Agreement is, as it guarantees the growth and the consolidation of waste collection and treatment services, with results and performance that are improving and are in line with European standards.

For the full list of winners of the CIAL Premio Resa: