Aluminium waste separation in Italy is continuously increasing. To date, over 6,700 Italian municipalities (83% of the total) collect aluminium waste, involving over 54 million people.

In view of the analysed data and of the results of the separate collection of aluminium packaging in Italy from 2018, CIAL – Italian Consortium for Aluminium Recycling] has drawn up a special ranking list that identifies the Municipalities and the urban waste managers with the best qualitative and quantitative performance in the separate collection and recycling of aluminium packaging.

This packaging includes beverage cans, food trays and tins, spray cans, tubes, caps and closures, as well as thin foil.

Based on this ranking list, CIAL has assigned the so-called “Premio Resa” [return reward], an economic incentive aimed at encouraging intensive waste separation and recycling models, which can valorise the full potential of individual areas all over Italy.

Thanks to the “Premio Resa” for 2018, approximately 535 thousand euros will be paid out.

Based on the results from 2018, the Premio Resa was awarded to 56 subjects in all, which included 2,551 Municipalities and involved 17 million people.

Below is a list of some of the winners (the full list will follow).

Starting from the region of Lombardy, the best in Italy in terms of results and performance, there are a number of companies and Municipalities that won the prize.

The A2A Group had excellent waste management results with the Aprica Company in the towns of Brescia and Bergamo, as well as the Acsm – Agam company working in the town and province of Varese.

A2A, with the Aprica and Acsm-Agam companies, have collected over 700 grams per person, which is excellent considering that the national average is approximately 400 grams.

CIAL awarded the prize to other companies in Lombardy for their performance in waste separation and recycling, including CEM Ambiente, a company that is active in 66 Municipalities in the provinces of Monza-Brianza, Lodi and Milan. The Consortium also decided to reward Macoglass, a plant for the valorisation of waste separation flows, which recycles the aluminium collected from over 50 Municipalities in the province of Cremona.

Other northern Italian regions with winners are Veneto, in which the award went to three waste management companies in the provinces of Padua, Verona and Vicenza, namely Etra SpA, which operates in 64 Municipalities, including Bassano del Grappa; Sesa SpA, which serves no fewer than 70 Municipalities in the area around Padua and Vicenza; the Serit company, which is active in 57 Municipalities in the province of Verona, including Bussolengo and Villafranca di Verona.

Here are some more examples of virtue in northern Italy:

  • the Unione Territoriale Intercomunale della Carnia association, in Friuli, which combines 28 Municipalities in the province of Udine;
  • the A&T 2000 company, which manages waste collection in 47 Municipalities of the province of Udine, among which Codroipo is the largest;
  • the Gaia Asti company in Piedmont, which serves 161 Municipalities with over 320,000 people;
  • the Specchia Service selection plant that valorises waste, including aluminium waste, in the Municipality of La Spezia.
  • Worthy of mention is also the prize awarded to the Demap company based in Beinasco (Turin), which selects ultralight material (collecting plastics and metals) from 230 Municipalities in the province of Turin.


In central Italy the award-winners for aluminium recycling include the Revet company, which manages waste from over 200 Municipalities in Tuscany, and the Remaplast company, which is active in 6 Municipalities in the province of Rome, including Fiumicino.


There are many companies and Municipalities in southern Italy that obtained excellent results.

In the region of Campania, the Consorzio CIAL awarded the prize to: the Ambiente SpA company, which recycles waste from 33 Municipalities in this region, including Ercolano and Torre del Greco; Laucopetra Spa, which covers an area that includes Portici (this town has won several Italian awards from the Consortium during the Comuni Ricicloni [“super-recycling Municipalities”] initiative promoted by the Legambiente association); Lavorgna Srl, which works in 16 Municipalities in the province of Benevento, including Sant’Agata dei Goti.

Other individual award-winning Municipalities in Campania include:  Massa Lubrense (Naples) Frattaminore (Naples) and Casalvelino (Salerno).

In the region of Puglia, the CIAL award went to the Municipalities of Bitritto, Rutigliano (Vito Gassi company) and Molfetta (ASM company) and 23 Municipalities in the Salento area that are served by the Ecotecnica and Monteco waste companies.

Ecotecnica serves: Alessano, Carpignano Salentino, Castrignano dei Greci, Cavallino, Corigliano d’Otranto, Cursi, Melendugno, Melpignano, Patù, San Pietro in Lama, Vernole, Zollino.

Monteco serves:  Castrignano del Capo, Erchie, Francavilla Fontana, Latiano, Oria, San Michele Salentino, San Pancrazio Salentino, San Pietro Vernotico, Torre Santa Susanno, Tricase, Veglie.

In Sicily the “Premio Resa” was awarded to the Municipality of Valderice, in the province of Trapani, and to the Trapani-based Sarco Srl company, which processes the aluminium collected from approximately 90 Sicilian Municipalities, serving over 850,000 people.

The region of Sardinia deserves a special mention, because 53% of the Municipalities (200 out of 377) are served by companies or are in areas that have been awarded prizes by CIAL for the results achieved in 2018.

Among the best were the Ecosansperate and Ichnos Ambiente companies of the town of Uta (Cagliari), Gesam in Sassari, and the Consorzio Industriale Provinciale Oristanese and the Unione Territoriale Intercomunale Alta Gallura.

The most virtuous Municipalities in Sardinia include Sassari, Cagliari, Nuoro and Oristano.


CIAL’s Premio Resa shows how widespread and well organised aluminium waste separation is in Italy.

It is an important indicator that shows the validity of the management system underlying the Anci-Conai Framework Agreement, to guarantee the expansion and consolidation of the services for the collection and processing of waste, with results and performance that are improving and are in line with European standards.

To view the full list of the winners of the CIAL Premio Resa, please follow the link below: