RACCOLTA SOLIDALE (ethical collection)

Raccolta Solidale is a project involving non-profit organizations in the separate collection of separation packaging.

It offers non-profit organisations a new way to raise funds.

The project began in 2003 and since then many non-profit organisations, voluntary associations and cooperatives have joined, sponsoring separate collection of aluminium packaging in the areas they are active in.

This collection has allowed the most active organisations to earn up to €5,000 a year which is used to fund activities and services or to expand and improve facilities.

The voluntary associations and cooperatives that want to take part in the Raccolta Solidale project can collect aluminium packaging in a number of collection points such as restaurants, pubs and bars, company and school canteens, parish canteens.

With the help of CIAL the relevant Municipalities, the companies managing urban hygiene services and the waste collection and recycling units (or material selection centres) are involved as well.

For every kilogram of collected material CIAL pays 60 eurocents per kg to the associations involved in the collection. It provides equipment for the collection (punched boxes for indoor collection and bags).

Benefits provided by the Raccolta Solidale project:

  • Social: the funds obtained from collection activities are re-invested in socially useful projects
  • Environmental: the project increases the number of activities that protect the environment
  • Economic: recycling aluminium means saving 95% of energy
  • Employment-related: the development of collection activities leads to an increase in employment.

From 2003 to the present day the Raccolta Solidale project has guaranteed that 300 tons of aluminium are collected by over 150 associations, cooperatives, mass retailers, public service and waste management companies, schools, universities and local bodies.


To join the Raccolta Solidale project, associations must satisfy some important requirements:

  • they must be recognised Onlus organisations or Cooperatives (groups of people or movements as such cannot join)
  • they must have the means to collect and replace bags
  • they must have the room to store the collected sacks of aluminium (no less than 500 kg, after which a collection and/or delivery will be arranged)
  • in the area the associations are active in there must be a platform that is prepared to accept the collected material (this must be checked in each individual case).

To check if participation in the project is possible, please write to comunicazione@cial.it , stating the name of the association that wants to collect and the area it is active in.


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