Nespresso Italia confirms its pioneering role in the promotion of a circular economy, thanks to an innovative PROJECT for the disposal of aluminium capsules. 

Nespresso and CIAL Consortium announce the first results of the pilot project designed to recover and recycle aluminium, including even its smallest components.

The project witnessed the participation of over 90 Municipalities in the province of Lecco, where the initiative has already led to the recycling of approximately 29 tonnes of aluminium, just one year after its launch.


Milan, 16 April 2018The commitment undertaken by Nespresso to foster environmental protection continues, with an innovative project for the collection and recycling of aluminium. The initiative confirms the renewal of the long, consolidated partnership between the company and CIAL, the Italian National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Aluminium, which aims to assert the principles of the circular economy, in which aluminium certainly plays a leading role, as it can be recycled to infinity and 100%.

Nespresso, which has always been active engaged in striving to achieve the responsible management of the entire production chain, has chosen to join forces with CIAL in promoting a new solution for recycling small aluminium components. A year ago, in collaboration with SILEA, the municipally owned company that manages the waste generated in the province of Lecco, the first project in Italy for the recovery of capsules and all the tiny aluminium fractions was launched at the Seruso plant, by simply implementing the multi-material waste collection system.

Thanks to an innovative waste disposal plant, the project means that components such as blister packs, caps, seals and other small objects and more lightweight packaging materials can be treated and recycled. Having been conveniently collected in the purple recycling waste disposal sack, they are separated further and sent on to the recycling process.

“This trial project opens the doors to the fulfilment of new objectives in the aluminium recycling field. Thanks to the possibility of recovering all its components, even the smallest ones, we can re-use an ever increasing quantity of this precious metal and save energy at the same time. It is an innovative and effective solution for ensuring the sustainable management of this material”, commented Gino Schiona, Director General of CIAL.

The initiative has already involved over 90 Municipalities, achieving excellent results: no less than 341,000 inhabitants have participated during this first year of activation, helping to recover approximately 29 tonnes of aluminium. 100% of the material collected was then recycled and destined for a new life.

Additionally, due precisely to its high value in terms of environmental protection, the project will also be extended and launched over the next few months in the Municipalities in the provinces of Monza and Brianza, reaching a total of over 150.

Stefano Goglio, Director General of Nespresso Italia, stated: “We are extremely proud to be able to make a practical contribution to the sustainable management of aluminium, with a pioneering project that significantly simplifies the system for collecting this material. Innovation and sustainability are part of the Nespresso DNA and we will continue striving to identify new solutions that benefit the environment, the community and the economy.

Through this project, Nespresso confirms its now consolidated partnership with CIAL and renews the joint objective of working to support the circular economy thanks to aluminium.  Over the years, the partnership between the company and the National consortium for aluminium packaging, established in 2011 and renewed in 2014 and again in 2018, has enabled us to launch important environmental protection projects throughout Italy.






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