CIAL participates, sponsors and supports a number of events in Italy which, although not directly addressing the subjects of material collection and recycling, are valid means to spread environmental messages linked to aluminium.

In this way different and heterogeneous parts of the public can be reached.


For many years CIAL has been following the world of cycling in new and renewed ways. It plays a major role in two very important events,

  • the Giro d’Italia
  • the World Cycling Championships

Over the years CIAL has sponsored many activities, involving schools and students or the area representatives of the Consortium (e.g. the local companies dealing with the management of urban waste).
In particular, in the last year CIAL has entered an agreement with the Astana Pro Team.
This team’s champions, which include Vincenzo Nibali, the winner of the last Giro d’Italia, became enthusiastic testimonials of aluminium recycling by sponsoring an online competition (RICICLOAMATORE – CHI RECUPERA VINCE [recycling lovers – recycle to win]).

The competition, which was active for the entire duration of the Giro d’Italia (May 2013), required participants to answer a few simple questions to test their “environmental” skills and try to win the CIAL Ricicletta®.

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Dynamo Bike Challenge

Still in the field of cycling, during 2013 the Consortium entered another agreement, this time with Dynamo Camp Onlus. This organisation with a social purpose manages a summer camp in Tuscany which welcomes up to 300 children. It is the only recreational therapy facility in Italy designed for minors affected by diseases that do not allow them to have a ‘normal’ life. It offers playing and sports activities.

During the annual Dynamo Bike Challenge (a fund-raising road race) CIAL put together a very original women’s cycling team – the ALLUMINIO RECYCLING TEAM, made up of 17 women, strong pedallers who raced and won money to donate to Dynamo.



There is a close link between the world of arts (and teaching related to arts) and the sector of recycling and reusing materials. In recent years, many artists and people working in this sector showed an interest in our activities because they believed aluminium is the perfect material to represent various aspects with a strong artistic impact.

CIAL established various partnerships with these people because the arts sector is an excellent field of action in which to spread – among people in cities and towns and among students – the environmental message CIAL believes so strongly in.

Castle of Rivoli and Biella City of Art

The collaboration with the Department of Education of the Caste of Rivoli museum (Turin) and the City of art – Michelangelo Pistoletto Trust, Biella began in 2006.
This partnership is renewed every year through the organisation of group events and art laboratories in which the main role is played by aluminium packaging of different kinds.


Il Cassero Museum in Montevarchi – Arezzo

In the summer of 2013 CIAL started a new arts collaboration with the “Il Cassero” Museum in Montevarchi, (Tuscany), a museum dedicated entirely to the art of sculpture.
The collaboration led to the organisation of an art exhibition, “Alluminio. Tra Futurismo e Contemporaneità, un percorso nella scultura italiana sul filo della materia” (Aluminium. From Futurism to Contemporary Art, a journey through Italian sculpture on the edge of matter), a unique exhibition that was the first of its kind.

It is a transversal way of exhibiting art, which begins with the Italian second-generation Futurists of the 1920s and 1930s and includes art during WWII, the 1960s (with the poetry of “structures” and “optical” surfaces), the “arte povera” (poor art movement) of the 1990s, up to art in the 2000s, with emerging artists who use aluminium more and more often and in original ways.

The exhibition was organised with the help of the CIAL Consortium and the patronage of the Region of Tuscany.

The presence of CIAL – as an official partner – shows the wish to speak about the many qualities of aluminium, including its environmentally friendly soul, linked to perfect and eternal recycling.



The world of cinema is a very profitable channel to speak to an audience that is listening and willing to participate.

For a number of years now CIAL has sponsored two very popular cinema events,

The latter event is linked to the Consortium’s teaching activities because it is a cinema festival dedicated to movies for children aged between 6 and 19.

Additionally, this year the Consortium started working with the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia di Milano, which led to the production of a short film made by two of the centre’s students, Francesco Squillace and Ilaria Battistella. In 2013 the short film was shown in a number cinema festivals and shows.

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