From Saint Petersburg to the United States and from Latin America to the Philippines, the art of writing with ink and pen is experiencing a re-birth thanks to the Web. In a departure from its traditional origins, the individual relationship of the artist with ink and paper has found a platform of international resound, in which diverse currents interact and propagate, away and beyond linguistic, cultural and geographical barriers.

This is the great return of the art of calligraphy: conceived on paper, re-born on the Web and recently brought to light as one of the fashionable artistic languages.

This diffusion of calligraphy in its many creative forms is thanks to the efforts of members of the international Calligraphy Masters team, the first and largest on-line community in this sector in the world, made up of some of the most skilled experts in this art.

In keeping with these trends, Acqua su Marte, a future trends workplace and experimental lab, will take part in Design Week 2016 of Milan with an exhibition/event on the design of the word.

The event will take place from Tuesday 12 – Saturday 16 April 2016 at the studio in Via Alessandria 3, as part of the Tortona Design Week. The Design of Words is organised with Calligraphy Masters with the support of the main partners CIAL (Italian Consortium for Aluminium Recycling) and the Art Directors Club Italiano.

The exhibition, curated by the architectural studio Sopa Design, brings together aluminium materials recycled in accordance with CIAL and calligraphy, creating new and surprising forms.

CIAL, the main partner of the entire project, supports The Design of Words highlighting the strong connection that exists between calligraphy and aluminium drinking cans that are re-used and shaped by the artists to create the “Cola pens”, unique and unusual writing tools.

The can, the packaging medium with infinite lives and the ideal container for soft drinks and beer that maintains a perfect temperature, can be used in two ways when emptied. It can be recycled to create new aluminium or transformed into a Cola pen to be used as a medium for modern and original forms of creative writing.

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At The Design of Words from 12 to 16 April, the five Colapens personalised by THEOSONE, FrakOne,Zepha-Vincent Abadie Hafez, Pokras Lampas / Modern Calligraphy artist and Tolga Girgin will be exhibited together with the calligraphed Moleskines of some of the members of the Calligraphy MastersTeam.

The program:



The exhibition is not the only Acqua su Marte event staged over the five days of Milanese design. Every day, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., five of the best calligraphers of the Calligraphy Masters team will hold five calligraphy workshops. In particular:

  • – 12/4 Theosone // Creativity in Calligraphy: Tricks of the trade, from composition rules to creativity, logo design, tattoo and murals
  • – 13/4 FrakOne // Gothic styles: An exploration of Textura, Rotunda, Fraktur and Batarde, with various levels of analysis and difficulty
  • – 14/4 Zepha // Tribal letters: Alphabets and glyphs, thousand-year old traditions and modern applications on wall and leather with an introduction to the technique of temporary tattoos through the Jagua fruit
  • – 15/4 Pokras Lampas // Modern calligraphy: Calligraffiti & Calligrafuturism: Development of calligraphy for large-scale projects, from graphic to interior design
  • – 16/4 Tolga Girgin // 3D calligraphy and lettering: The journey from two-dimensional to 3D and anamorphic designs

The second part of the event is focused on the Cola pens. These are small pens made from an aluminium can, recycled in turn, that calligraphers design and create based on their style, technical and execution requirements.

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