Only a few days left until the METEF 2014 (Verona, June 11 to 13), the international exhibition on aluminium world, number 1 in the world. 

The event is dedicated to aluminium industry, technological metals and machinery and equipment for foundry.
This year is now in its tenth edition and a testament to its international character speak the numbers: as much as 30% of the exhibitors is this’ year abroad.

During the exhibition, the focus will be on the aluminum packaging, with a conference on sustainability, promoted in collaboration with the Consortium CIAL, which will be held on June 11 at 2.00 p.m., entitled “Aluminium Packaging Sustainability – National and European Scenario“.


Thanks to its characteristics aluminum is the ideal partner for the production of packaging because it is lightweight, malleable, resistant to impact and corrosion and is able to provide a barrier that protects from light, air, humidity, and bacteria. And it is 100% recyclable to infinitely.
Prevention, aimed at the reduction and minimization of environmental impacts of processes and products, is of special importance in the industrial system of aluminum packaging, with its own characteristics also in all other sectors and areas of application.
One of the main characteristics of the material is in fact its infinite recyclability and the huge energy savings that comes with it.
The life cycle of aluminum is a closed loop, endless and, thanks to a steady growth over the years of separate collection, recovery and recycling in our country and in the rest of Europe, the availability of new raw material from scrap continues to substitute the mineral.
The virtuous cycle of uses of light metal packaging, systems and schemes of national recovery born on the basis of European directives in the environmental field, which is dedicated to this event, will be illustrated in essential points from exceptional speakers.

Gino Schiona – General Manager CIAL – Aluminium Packaging Consortium

Labberton Maarten – Director of the EAA Packaging Group – European Aluminium Association
Stefano Stellini – Head of Territorial Relations CIAL – Aluminium Packaging Consortium
Franco Bove – Guala Closures Chief Operating Officer and Chairman of the Group of Aluminium Closures Manufacturers EAFA – Vice President EAFA – European Aluminium Foil Association

The Conference is promoted by: CIAL – Italian Consortium for the Aluminium Packaging RecyclingEAA – European Aluminium AssociationEAFA – European Aluminium Foil Association.

For more information, download the document below.